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The evidence is in and growing with scientific verification--70% of major diseases can be minimized or eliminated by simple choices you can make which are good health principles entirely within your control.  Just like a newly transplanted seedling slowly grows and matures with the power of food, water, and sunlight, so do simple, positive choices you can make about your health gradually impact your entire well-being for the good, as a whole person--physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


The choices may be simple, but that does not mean they are all easy...


Genesis Center for Better Living can give you the support you need as you make those healthier choices.

You can choose health!

You are what you eat! Whole food, plant-strong eating is  the cutting-edge choice of doctors and scientists around the world for preventing and even reversing many chronic health diseases that plague Americans today.  Genesis Center periodically offers a variety of healthy plant-based cooking classes.  We provide hands-on cooking labs to teach you how to prepare delicious meals that you and your family will enjoy.  Contact us to see what's on the schedule next or to get some resource recommendations to get you started on your own.

The "Good Life" is killing us! The facts are in.  The "Good Life" is not so good if you do not have your health.  The "Golden Years" are not so golden if they are filled with pain, pills, illness, and disability.  The good news is that your individual choices can have a major impact on the quality of life as you grow older.   Which would you choose--   aches, pain, fatigue, high blood pressure,  elevated cholesterol, overweight, and diabetes? OR, would you rather have  energy, stamina, and vibrant health? Contact Genesis Center for the tools you need to feel good as you age.

Learn to control stress or it will control you!  The stress response of our bodies is a protective mechanism built in by our Creator.  No discussion of whole person health is complete without taking into account the positive benefits of faith and hope for stress control in one's life.  Genesis Center has a wealth of spiritual resources and Bible study guides available at no cost.  We can guide you in the right direction to find more meaning and purpose in your life by seeking peace with God and encouraging you to volunteer to help others. Contact us today!

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